Playing Pool for Your Health

If you’re like me you probably made a new year’s resolution to exercise more. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that one of my favorite activities which is of course playing pool has excellent health benefits. I think that pool is not often thought of in a positive light when it comes to your health because people are still thinking of poolrooms as smoke filled environments. In today’s world we’re seeing less and less public places tolerate smoking which has changed the dynamic of the poolroom.

I was pleasantly surprised when I went on health typed in my weight and clicked billiards for activities and found out that if I play pool for 3 hours I will burn approximately 770 calories. That was great news to me because when I go to a tournament I always practice for at least an hour before the tournament and hopefully will win a couple of rounds before getting knocked out. I would say an average tournament night results in my playing at least 3 hours of pool. That means if I play only two tournaments a week I would be burning enough calories to lose over a pound every month.

It’s great that pool burns calories but we all know that that’s not the only secret to staying healthy. Pool also consists of a lot of stretching that a person would not normally do. It also requires you to stand on 1 foot at times helping you with your balance and leg strength. I’m not trying to convince anyone that playing pool is the equivalent of going to the gym and running on the treadmill but it’s definitely a little more exciting.

For those of you that are very serious about pool, you may want to consider meditation and stretching to help push yourself to the next level. Cardiovascular training can also be very helpful because in the competitive pool world being physically fit can give you a distinct advantage over your opponent. Many pool tournaments are packed into one weekend and require players to compete in several matches sometimes ranging over 12 hours or more each day. You’ll find the most pool players at the top of their game are also exercising regularly both their bodies and their minds. The next time you’re watching the semifinals or finals of a multi-day tournament ask yourself how many people there look like they are in poor shape. You can also look at the top players in the world and see that most of them appear to be in very good shape.


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