U.S. Open Nine Ball Championship Tournament Oct. 16 2011

2011 Brings the 36th Annual U.S.Open 9 Ball Championships.

The field is limited to 256 Players.

Entry to this 9 ball pool tournament  is $500.00

$50,000 Guaranteed added to tournament!

This will be played at Chesapeake Conference Center, in Chesapeake Virginia.

Click here for more information about the 2011 Nine Ball U.S. Open

Past winners:

2009 Nine Ball U.S. Open – Mika Immonen

2008 Nine Ball U.S. Open – Mika Immonen

2007 Nine Ball U.S. Open – Shane Van Boening

2006 Nine Ball U.S. Open – John Schmidt

2005 Nine Ball U.S. Open – Alex Pagulayan

2004 Nine Ball U.S. Open – Gabe Owen

2003 Nine Ball U.S. Open –  Jeremy Jones

2002 Nine Ball U.S. Open – Ralf Souquet

2001 Nine Ball U.S. Open – Corey Deuel


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