The Correct Stance For Beginning Pool Players

There are a lot of different opinions out there about the proper way to stand while shooting pool. The real question is how far apart should your feet be right?

Or…is it what the proper weight distribution should be for each leg? Some say bend both of  your knees and keep your feet about the distance of your shoulders apart. Others say keep your back leg straight and step into your stance.  So what is the correct answer?

The correct answer is…for a beginner there is no exact formula for the perfect stance. It is simply a matter of figuring out the way you feel the most comfortable at the table. Yes, there are some major things that can affect your shot making but they are mainly common sense.  You will need to face the table, bend over, and be balanced enough so that a strong wind wont blow you over. A right-handed player should have their left leg closer to the table and a left-handed player, their right leg. Beyond that almost everything else is a matter personal preference.

Just look at the pro tour players–are they all standing the exact same way? How about the players in the NWPA (National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association)? They run rack after rack from a sitting position. So the most important thing is to pay attention to what feels the most comfortable to you and concentrate on what you can see, because if you are thinking about the way you are standing while trying to pocket a ball–it’s going to be a long game.


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