How To Select The Right Pool Cue

I am going to assume that you are not going to go out and spend $500.00 on a new Meucci pool cue to play pool with for the first time, so lets try and figure out the important things to look for when selecting a “House Cue”.

Usually when you walk up to the rack of cues that is sitting there you most certainly know that this choice will have a direct impact on how your day is going to turn out. Remember that even though these cues may look very similar they are all different. 

The most obvious thing to look for is a straight cue. While this is important, there are a few other key things to look for. Here are they are:

Take the cue and roll it on the table to make sure it’s straight.  A really warped cue is easy to spot but the real issue is spotting the slightly warped cue. If it is just slightly warped you will probably be coming very close to making balls and become quickly frustrated. To spot a slightly warped cue, lay it flat on the table and roll it back and forth while bending over and looking at it from the side. A warped cue will allow a little bit of light to appear between it and the table, a straight cue will not let any light through at all.

 Now that you have a straight cue check the tip for the following:

  • Is there enough left there so that you will not miscue a lot.
  • Give it a little push up to make sure it is not loose.
  • Make sure it is slightly rounded.

One of the best things to do for the tip is hand it to the person behind the counter and ask them to “scuff it up for you” This will ensure that the tip will hold chalk when you apply it and if you’re lucky, he’ll probably check the overall condition for you.

While there are other differences such as weight and length, none are as important as a straight cue with a tip in proper condition.


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