BCA Standard Rules Of Pool Online For 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Straight Pool The…

Did you ever spend 20 minutes arguing over a shot during a “friendly” game of pool?  For example, “Can you call the 8 ball off another ball?” or “What is the proper way to rack?” or “Do I have to call my pocket in 9-ball?”or “What happens if I make the 8 Ball on the break” or “How do you play Billiards & Snooker?”

Well Snooker maybe a few clicks through the site but….

These questions do have definitive answers, which you can find at the Billiard Congress of America website. If you are looking for an “official”  resource to settle the argument, take a peek over there–you’ll find general rules, 9 ball rules, eight ball rules, information on fouls and more.


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